Katterat - Abisko. Norway / Sweden. 9 - 15.9.2024.

From the Katterat train station, we step directly into the Narvik fells. We hike for a couple of days on the Norwegian side, after which we head towards Sweden and finally, after five days of hiking, we arrive at the Abisko STF mountain station, where we spend the night before heading home.

  • During the hike we spend the nights in tents and STF mountain huts. Moln will lend you a quality tent. Two people per tent or if you want your own, let me know.

  • We carry food and equipment with us.

  • The price of the trip includes transportation from Kolari (Finland) to Abisko and back.

  • The price includes two nights at Abisko mountain station and overnight fees in mountain huts during trip.

  • The price includes the train ticket Abisko – Katterat.

  • The price doe's not include food during the hike. The price does not include dinner at Abisko fell station.


  • 9.9. We meet at Kolari train station. We travel to Abisko by minibus. Arrive around 6 pm. In the evening we have plenty of time to pack our equipment, eat dinner and familiarize ourselves with the weather and the route.

  • 10.9. The train leaves at 08:03 for Katterat station on the Norwegian side. Arriving at 09.25. We step out of the train and start the hike towards Hunddalshytta, a mountain cabin in Norway. About 11 km.

  • 11.9. The hike continues towards Cunojávrihytta - mountain hut. About 16 km.

  • 12.9. We head towards the Unna Allakas mountain hut and continue past it towards Abiskojaure. About 15 km.

  • 13.9. We hike to Abiskojaure. About 15 km.

  • 14.9. Abiskojaure – Kårsavagge – Abisko. About 22 km. Overnight at Abisko mountain station. We enjoyed a good dinner together.

  • 15.9. Abisko - Oulu. Minibus. Departure at 09. We arrive in Oulu around 13.00.

Molni's excursions in the Nordic countries are easily accessible by train or bus Travel to the nearest train or bus station, where we will pick you up. When traveling by train and bus, you can see more of the destination country. You can easily get to this trip by train to Kolari from Helsinki and back to Helsinki from Oulu.

Place. The fells of the Norwegian side and the fells of the Abisko area.
Date. 9 - 15 September 2024.
Duration of trip. 7 days. 5 hiking days.
Level. Moderate
Number of participants. 4-8 people.
Price. 980€
Insurance. Participants must take care of their own insurance.
Included in the price. Guidance. accommodation in Abisko and in fell huts, trips from Kolar and back, breakfast in Abisko, tent, train ticket.
The price does not include. Trips to Kolar, food during hike and dinner at the Abisko fell station, insurance.