Greenland. Your own trip.

Your own trip according to your group's wishes.

Greenland - one of the last wildernesses in the world. During a few summer months, the fjords of East Greenland are ice-free and snow-free. Then it's a good time to move around by boat, which is a convenient way to get to hiking areas. East Greenland is surprisingly easy to reach from Finland / Europe by flying by Iceland.

East Greenland allows us to relive the lost time of the mountains before villages and roads took over the alpine valleys of Central Europe. We hike in fairy-tale landscapes, surrounded by beautiful mountains and fjords with floating icebergs.

In summer (July-August) the climate is mild. The Gulf Stream and relatively southern location make the climate pleasant. Daytime temperatures are around 15-20C.

The terrain is easy fell terrain. Nature is full of arctic flora, the vulnerability of which we take into account when choosing routes and campsites. After all, we are only guests in this unique place.

I have traveled for 15 years in the area paddling and hiking. Together we can create a route that suits your wishes and goals. Could be a backpacking trip where we carry all the equipment ourselves, or a base camp, from which we can do day trips with a light backpack. Or if you want to tour different areas, we can go between different places by boat. Almost anything is possible...

Place. Greenland. Kalaallit Nunaat. East coast.
Date. 2024
Duration of trip. Which suits your group.
Demand level. Easy - Demanding.
Number of participants. 4-8 people.
Price. ?
Insurance. Participants must take care of their own insurance. Travel insurance is recommended.
Included in the price. Guide. Food, transportation, etc. According to agreement.
The price does not include: Trips to Greenland (Kulusuk airport), insurance.