Hiking and kayaking tours since 2008

All our trips and courses have been ranked according to the level of experience and fitness required. Our clientele ranges from casual nature lovers to outdoor enthusiasts, who are used to living rough and have plenty of hiking and kayaking experience.

  • Private tours, trips reserved by a group, such as a family or friends, who also participate in its planning.
  • Group tours, trips organized by Moln on which you can book a place.
  • Wilderness tours for companies, trips with a strong focus on nature.

Moln offers small-scale leave no trace tourism to wilderness areas.

Best wishes,

Roope Roine

..To give good service one needs experience, education and  passion for the outdoors..



  • 25 years' experience of leading groups in mountain and sea enviroments.
  • I'm a certified mountain walking, rock climbing and sea kayaking instructor with training from Great Britain, Sweden and Norway.
  • I speak fluent Swedish, Finnish and English as well as good Spanish.

I have worked for
– NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School). USA.
– British National Mountain Centre - Plas y Brenin. UK.
– Jostedalen Breforarlag. A mountaineering company in Norway.
– Lofoten Folkhögskola. A school with an outdoor program in Norway.
– Nord Norska Klatterskolan. A climbing school in Lofoten Islands, Norway.
– Mountain Kingdoms and Highplaces as trek leader in Nepal and Greenland.

I have taught and lead mountain walking tours in the Nordic countries as well as Wales, Scotland, Spain, Morroco, Greenland, Nepal, Argentina, Chile, Georgia and Switzerland.

I have lead sea kayaking tours in the Nordic countries, as well as Wales, Ireland,Turkey,Croatia, Scotland, Greenland, Chile and Canada.

I hold the following qualifications

– IML (International Mountain Leader) www.baiml.org
– MIA (Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor) www.ami.org.uk
– Winter Mountain Leader (Scotland) www.mltuk.org
– Glacier Instructor (NF, Norway) www.fjellsportforum.no
– Professional Instructor Course – Mountain. National Outdoor Leadership School. NOLS. www.nols.edu

Sea kayaking & Canoeing:
– BCU level 3 sea kayak coach
(BCU) www.britishcanoeing.org.uk
– BCU 5* star sea kayak trainee.
– British Canoeing 4* star canoe leader. 
– Sea Kayak Instructor. Finnish Sea Kayak Association. www.nilfinland.fi

– Rock climbing instructor (The Swedish Climbing Association)
– MIA (Mountain Instructor Award) www.mountain-training.org

First aid:
– Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician. WEMT.  NOLS WM  www.nols.edu
– Wilderness First Responder. NOLS WM
– REC mountain first aid
– REC high altitude first aid

Leave No Trace
– Leave No Trace Master Course.

What Moln stands for

  • Safe customers are satisfied customers. The safety of my customers is always my foremost priority. Excitement and foolhardiness are two entirely different matters.
  • Be considerate towards nature. There are evermore of us that head off into the unspoiled wilderness, which in turn means that all of us have a stake in preserving nature. This means that we take our litter with us and minimise the impact of our presence on the mountains. We behave appropriately, in other words.
  • Always seek out harmony. This follows from the first two principles. The experience of the tour becomes more powerful and memorable if we can tap into this inner harmony.