Sea Kayaking beginners course. 2025

Learn the basics of sea kayaking.

In this evening course, we will go through all aspects related to technique and safety, so that you can become a sea kayaker. You will learn to turn the kayak with different steering moves. You will learn to combine the edging of the kayak with different paddling techniques.

This is a approved Finnish Canoeing and Rowing Federation Meloja 1 level & SuMe Kayaker course.

- Getting in and out of the kayak
- Basics of forward paddling (properly adjusted kayak, proper sitting position, grip on the water, body rotation)
- Kayak edging
- Turning and maneuvering the kayak
- Stopping the kayak
- Paddling backwards

Safety skills
- Basics for safe movement on water (own awareness and attitude, route planning and consideration of weather conditions, navigation, maritime rules.
- Falling over and swimming with the kayak to shore
- Pair rescue (acting as both a rescuer and a swimmer)

Place. Helsinki.
Date. 2025
Duration. From 16:30 to 21. Two evenings.
Number of participants. 3-6 people.
Coach. Roope Roine
Price. 240€
Insurance. Participants must take care of their own insurance.
Included in the price. Teaching. Kayak.
Not included in the price. Insurance.