Moln Arctic Rivers. Vätsäri Wilderness Area.
16 – 23.9.2019.

Vätsäri Wilderness area, following extract is taken from the parks & wildlife service of Finland description of the area.

”Vätsäri you can experience the astonishing silence of a wilderness in its natural state. The eastern parts of Lake Inarijärvi with their rugged shores and numerous islands belong to Vätsäri Wilderness Area, as well as the large forests with water areas between the Norwegian and the Russian borders. Vätsäri Wilderness Area is part of the Finnish-Norwegian-Russian protected area entity called Pasvik- Inari Trilateral Park. The remote location of Vätsäri, south of the Koltta Sámi village of Sevettijärvi, behind the large Lake Inarijärvi, near the Norwegian and the Russian borders, in roadless backwoods, means that mass tourism would never disturb the peace of the area.”

We will paddle in a labyrinth of small lakes, portaging occasionally over to the next one. Vätsäri Wilderness Area is a long unique trip, one of the big classic trips of Scandinavian Arctic.

Day 1. Meeting in Ivalo. Staying at local hotel. Packing and preparing for the trip.
Day 2. Transfer to Sevettijärvi (2,5 h), loading the canoes and starting the journey.
Day 3. Vätsäri Wilderness Area.
Day 4. Vätsäri Wilderness Area.
Day 5. Vätsäri Wilderness Area.
Day 6. Vätsäri Wilderness Area.
Day 7. Vätsäri Wilderness Area. Finish trip and return to Ivalo. Overnight at hotel.
Day 8. Travel home.

Price: 1600€

Includes:  Two guides (BCU 4* or 5* leader), High quality canoe fitted for solo paddling, all food during  trip from dinner first night to breakfast last morning, tent, transfers, hotel nights, visit to Sami museum.

Not include: Travel to Ivalo, Insurance.