Moln’s Wilderness tours for companies

Moln had not originally intended to provide ‘business solutions’. After all, quite a few companies specialize in corporate events such as nature trips to promote team spirit. It seemed Moln had nothing new to offer the field.

Then one day in January 2010 the phone rang. The Managing Director of Fjord Ltd., Olof Schybergson, was on the line, and with his team we went on to create Fjord Journeys, which is today part of Fjord Ltd’s performance bonus scheme. Read more about Fjord Journeys ›

A common vision made the joint venture easy: Moln and Fjord both believe that empowering nature experiences should be kept separate from corporate introductions, strategic planning, and promotion of team spirit – even though adventures in the wild are an excellent way to improve teamwork skills. As the result, Moln is happy to assist companies in offering employees unique nature experiences.

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