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All our trips and courses have been ranked according to the level of experience and fitness required. Our clientele ranges from casual nature lovers to nature travel enthusiasts, who are used to living rough and have plenty of hiking and kayaking experience.

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Moln’s partners include several British travel agencies, for which we provide package trips, guide services, and consulting services relating to certain destinations or areas.

No matter who the client, the principle is always the same: we offer ecological tourism to areas of unspoiled wilderness, which will leave the visitor with memories to cherish.

Moln is registered with the Consumer Agency, and all trips are insured with them. The registration number is 2079/11/Mj.

Best wishes,

Roope Roine

What Moln stands for


Safe customers are satisfied customers. The safety of my customers is always my foremost priority. Excitement and foolhardiness are two entirely different matters.


Be considerate towards nature. There are evermore of us that head off into the unspoiled wilderness, which in turn means that all of us have a stake in preserving nature. This means that we take our litter with us and minimise the impact of our presence on the mountains. We behave appropriately, in other words. Read more about Environmental Awareness here.


Always seek out harmony. This follows from the first two principles. The experience of the tour becomes more powerful and memorable if we can tap into this inner harmony.


Roope Roine

20 years' experience of leading groups in mountain and sea enviroments.

I'm a certified mountain walking, rock climbing and sea kayaking instructor with training from Great Britain, Sweden and Norway.

I speak fluent Swedish, Finnish and English as well as good Norwegian and Spanish.

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To give good service one needs experience, education and  passion for the outdoors.









Do not destroy that which you love

There are ever more of us trampling in the woods and nature. We wish to escape our stress filled everyday lives and recharge our batteries in beautiful woods and landscapes.

However, we’re also exhausting the very nature we love. Trails have become wide ditches, while mountains have been scarred from the many assaults of climbers. We’ve frightened off the birds, while beautiful campsites have become drab muddy fields.

It is sometimes said that freedom and responsibility go hand in hand. However, everyone should have pangs of conscience when it comes to the impact of human activity.

For sure, there is an endless stream of rules and regulations from the authorities, but I also believe in education. I mean it is not as if there is a lack of interest, although it does seem as if the urban dweller has forgotten older wisdom and knowledge.

We can learn to treat nature with more respect and care. The organisation Leave No Trace has for a long time promoted this idea, while the Finnish forestry service also provides concrete advice on these issues on its website. Their ideas and proven methods can point us towards a more sustainable course.


Here are some links to help you prepare for your next trip:

www.lnt.org - Leave no trace. This organisation has set the benchmark for travelling considerately in the wilderness.

www.outdoors.fi - The website of the Finnish forestry service, i.e. Metsähallitus, which includes a wealth of valuable, concrete advice.

www.vr.fi - The train is an environmentally friendly and stress free alternative to the car.

www.tourismconcern.org.uk - Fair tourism does not only apply to far away destinations.